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The future of work


Fast visual development, seamless integration, and robust scalability are key features enabling the delivery of intelligent, paperless, and fully connected apps.


Operational excellence for organizations

Introducing The TAShelix Platform


the future of
work Systems.

Trinoor Vision

Empowering rapid visual development, seamless integration, and unparalleled scalability, TAShelix is a user friendly platform architecture designed to transform IT and empower mobility for enterprise giants with native solutions and reusable components, delivering unmatched value and innovation. Join us in reshaping the landscape of operational excellence.


Any device,anywhere

No Code

Trinoor's no-code platform speeds up application development and maintenance, eliminating coding through visual development. This results in faster delivery by solution-focused teams,

reducing backlog while creating purpose-built solutions and native mobile apps that adhere to host application rules and best practices using open source technologies.

Empower your business by creating custom, code-free mobile apps and workflows using TAShelix Designer, which leverages your web services for security and ease of use




Providing flexible Desktop and Mobile Solutions for your entire business:

Extend the value of your enterprise applications, reduce application backlog, and deliver advanced technical solutions. 


Purpose built, best practice solutions tailored to your organization. Support and expertise to get the most from Maximo, Asset Suite, SAP, Oracle or any Enterprise Asset Management System.


Systematically and relentlessly push the pace of innovation. We are flexible, fully customizable for any type of connectivity.


User authentication and encrypted communications. Secure your assets with ultimate access to major providers.

Cut training time by deploying new apps with an intuitive UI tailored to mobile gestures. Ensure timely access to the right information using AI chatbots and assists for your team.

Simplified Training

Solve IT integration challenges with TAShelix, utilizing SOA micro-services for reusable, interoperable workflows and mobile apps. Ensure architecture standards in web service implementation.

Unified Applications

Ensure strong security with robust authentication, precise authorization, and custom data protection aligned with business imperatives.

Access Secure Data


Streamline your IT backlog to prioritize business needs in your application portfolio with TAShelix, facilitating swift development solutions.

Reduce Time & Costs

TAShelix provides intuitive, process-driven workflows and mobile apps with advanced features, aligning seamlessly with your traditional backend enterprise applications.

Custom Workflows

Versatile workflows and compatible with all device types, including desktops and mobile devices, across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, supporting smartphones, tablets, and phablets.

Multiple Devices


Scan a bar code, QR code, RFID, a badge ID, etc.

Data Capture

With offline mode, field workers can use the mobile app when they do not have access to the internet. When the worker and the device are back online, the mobile app syncs with the enterprise application.

Online / Offline

Present graphic charts in different formats such as bar, line, pie, bubble, scatter charts.


An electronic signature is a digital version of a traditional pen and ink signature.


Attach any type of file including: PDF, JPG, PNG, WMV, URLs. These are stored in a shared file location, in Microsoft SharePoint or in an EDMS.

Attach Multimedia Files

Display maps with different styles such as streets, satellite, etc. Display multiple locations, show the user’s location. Display directions to one or more locations.

Map & Directions

Take a picture or video or record audio and attach to different objects in your application such as a work order, purchase request, etc.

Images / Video / Audio

No Code Platform Features:

TAShelix is a multi application architecture that relies on micro services to deliver secure solutions on multiple devices, with multiple touch points and multi modal interactions – regardless of device or operating system. 

Improve Productivity

TAShelix no-code delivers rapid visual development, easy integration, and rock-solid scalability of native mobile apps and enterprise workflows. 

Secure Data

TAShelix ensures application security with encryption, authentication and audibility. 

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

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Maria Goncavales, CFO

Use this space to share a testimonial quote about the business, its products or its services. Insert a quote from a real customer or client here to build trust and win over site visitors.

Michael Soveign

Seven Energy

Thank you both for your incredible work ethic on the Contract and Invoice Integration development as well – we are positioned very well going into UAT largely thanks to your efforts. We have always had a great experience working with you and I look forward to continuing our engagement for years to come.

Alexander Woodard

Senior Technical Systems Analyst

Idaho Power | Information Technology

Our platform provides a host of pre-built applications to suit multiple industries. Trinoor global customers include Fortune 500 and top 10 Energy providers: 

Companies we work with

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