Trinoor has entered into an agreement with Cap Gemini to provide support and modifications for cap Gemini customers in Canada, including the upgrade of Asset Suite, Curator EDMS and extensive modifications to the Asset Suite stores module for Ontario Power and Gas.

“We are excited about this new opportunity and partnership which allows us to leverage off Cap Gemini, their systems integrations, experience and vast reach. Similarly, CapGemini has access to the highly specialized resources that we provide in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) marketplace.” Wade Noordink, President of Trinoor.

Collaboration is central to the Cap Gemini philosophy and a pillar of our service delivery. From strategy development through to implementation, clients benefit from our tailored approach. Working beside you every step of the way, we analyze your challenges and guide you through your transformation.

Cap Gemini: