Trinoor has announced today the signing of an important agreement with Idaho Power to provide them with an exclusive uplift of customization from Passport 10 to Asset Suite 7.

Trinoor’s professional services will also be engaged to provide Foundation Architecture support, customizations to Next Axiom and the composition of tailored development and training for the team at Idaho Power.

“As we are well aware, no two software development projects are alike. Each project has differing priorities, requirements, and technologies. Trinoor will provide this upgrade in order to deliver high-quality software and support that will in turn minimise risk and ensure predictable results for our client. This a positive agreement and an excellent opportunity to contribute to reliable power distribution for Idaho Power.” Wade Noordink, President at Trinoor.

Some Fast Facts about Idaho Power

Idaho Power is an electric utility engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution, sale and purchase of electric energy and is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the state regulatory commissions of Idaho and Oregon.

The company is involved in the following business activities:

Generation – we rely on our 17 hydroelectric generating plants on the Snake River and its tributaries, natural gas-fired plants and shares of three jointly-owned coal-fired plants.

Transmission – to get electricity generated at Hells Canyon, for example, to homes and businesses, it’s first transmitted over long distances on transmission lines to substations.

Distribution – distribution lines are smaller than transmission lines and are used to bring electricity from substations to homes and businesses.

Sales – of electricity to retail (residential, business and irrigation) and wholesale (other utilities, energy marketing companies and incorporated municipalities) customers.

Purchases – from the wholesale market when additional energy is needed to serve customer loads or when purchasing from the market is less costly than running our generating plants.

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