Trinoor and Turnpoint Solutions have cemented their relationship by entering into an agreement for Trinoor to provide support for their Curator and EMPAC clients located in the Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) as well as the Asia Pacific (APAC) regions.

“Trinoor and Turnpoint have always had excellent resources, employees and visions for their products and services. And they have always worked well together nad had a lot of respect for each other. So now it’s just become official.” Wade Noordink, President of Trinoor.

Turnpoint Solutions

Turnpoint Solutions is a global full-service consulting and systems integration company specializing in the area of asset management. We provide comprehensive services to some of the world’s largest energy, mining and transportation companies. With major operations headquartered in the United States, Australia and South America, Turnpoint is successfully engaged in 10 countries across five continents



Trinoor is a software vendor and profressional services organisation with a reputation for providing high expertise resources in implementation, training, development and business processes. Trinoor services are utilised across multiple industries in Human Reseources EAM/CMMS and ERP Applications.