Holly Frontier Corporation signs license agreement with Trinoor to implement its timekeeping system (TAStk) across its network of oil refineries. TAStk is Trinoor’s professional timekeeping software package for meeting cost management KPIs, as well as scheduling and union compliance. It takes the pain out of time calculated pay for the employees and managers.

That Holly Frontier network implementation includes:

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Woodscross, Utah
  • Navaho/Artesia, New Mexico
  • El Dorado, Kansas

It also includes the Head Office and sub-sites.

The Holly Frontier Corporation is an independent oil refining company. Formerly known separately as Frontier Oil and the Holly Corporation, they completed a merger of equals and changed their name to Holly Frontier Corporation in 2011.

This follows the initial successful implementation of Trinoor’s Application Suite timekeeping system (TAStK) at Holly Frontier’s Cheyenne, Wyoming refinery in 2011. The signing of this license agreement is the culmination of a great collaborative effort.

Due to the complexity of Holly Frontier’s multiple unions and employee contract calculations, they realised the need for an effective time keeping system with the felixibility and configurability that only Trinoor’s TAStk timekeeping software provides for time tracking and attendance, shift management and union compliance.