Trinoor worldwide is very pleased to announce it has opened its new European headquarters to optimise our services for clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Trinoor EMEA Kft (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has located its first European office in the historical inner city of Budapest, Hungary.

CEO of Trinoor Wade Noordink, announced the opening of the new headquarters recently as an important move to support customers in the region.

“We are very excited to be expanding into Europe,” said Wade.

“With several large new contracts in Europe it made sense to create a new European headquarters and TAStK development centre, which will compliment our existing US, Australian and Canadian offices.”

About Trinoor

Trinoor is a leading provider of both cloud-based and locally hosted complex Timekeeping Software, Enterprise Implementation and Operations Services, with offices in the USA, Canada, Australia and now Europe.

The Trinoor TAStk Timekeeping solution boasts industry leading functionality around complex union rules and nuclear/commercial fatigue rules.