Mobile Apps for Operations Management

Improve operational excellence for your organization. Designed to meet the regulatory demands for safety and based on decades of expertise, TAShelix mobile apps help plant operators increase productivity and ensure equipment reliability—safely.

Tour Approvals

Efficiently review and approve a round on a tablet or phone away from the office, helping to improve overall operations efficiency.

Create Condition Report

Create a condition report during the performance of a procedure or lineup as part of a company’s Corrective Action Program.

Clearances / Tagout

Perform clearance functions, such as hang and remove tags or temporary lifts.

Mobile Lineups and Procedures

Works with eSOMS’ Lineups module to not only eliminate a laborious paper-based process but enable instant progress determination and actual status and condition of the plant and equipment. When used in conjunction with eSOMS Clearance/Tagout module, significant savings are achieved through taking credit during a lineup for equipment position per the tagout. As a result of fewer lineup steps, radiation exposure is reduced by reduction of time spent in the reactor compartment, a benefit to a nuclear plant’s ALARA program.



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