Native Mobile App Features

In addition to typical mobile app functions, the following native mobile functions are available for TAShelix mobile apps
(if the capability is available and permitted on the device):

Online / Offline

With offline mode, field workers can use the mobile app when they do not have access to the internet. When the worker and the device are back online, the mobile app syncs with the enterprise application.

Attach Multimedia File

Attach any type of file including:
WMV, URLs, etc.

These are stored in a shared file location, in Microsoft SharePoint or in an EDMS.

Images, Video, and Audio

Take a picture or video or record audio and attach to
different objects in your application such as a work order, purchase request, etc.

Scan Visual, Machine-Readable Data

Scan a bar code, QR code, RFID, a badge ID, etc.


Present graphic charts in different formats such as bar, line, pie, bubble, scatter charts.

Maps and Directions

Display maps with different styles such as streets, satellite, etc. Display multiple locations, show the user’s location. Display directions to one or more locations.


An electronic signature is a digital version of a
traditional pen and ink signature.



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