Trinoor is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its TASpi Key Performance Indicator Dashboard at Holly Frontier.

Holly Frontier Corporation_logoTrinoor’s TASpi puts critical operations data in front of management in the form of an easy to understand at-a-glance dashboard. With the TASpi implementation now complete at the Holly Frontier Cheyenne Refinery, leadership in work management, stores and procurement have the ability to immediately see bottle necks looming in their day to day operations and can plan and react accordingly.

TASpi enables managers to perceive critical real time data and that translates to being able to take corrective actions before problems become acute – thereby insuring smooth operations throughout the refinery.

In addition to the at-a-glance dashboard display, details of the TASpi data can easily be exported, on demand, for reporting to upper management at the site as well as back to the Holly Frontier corporate headquarters.
Holly Frontier Corporation

Holly Frontier Corporation is among the largest independent petroleum refiners in the United States with operations throughout the mid-continent, southwestern and Rocky Mountain regions.

Subsidiaries of Holly Frontier produce and market gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, heavy products and specialty lubricant products.
About Trinoor

Trinoor is a leading provider of the cloud-based complex Timekeeping Software, Enterprise Software Implementation Services and Remote Operations Services. Trinoor has offices in the USA, Canada, Hungary and Australia.

The Trinoor TAStk Timekeeping Solution boasts industry leading functionality around complex union rules and nuclear/commercial fatigue rules.

The Trinoor TASmE Remote Operations Solution is used around the world to provide an operational dashboard for Enterprise Systems’ availability and performance.

The Trinoor TASpi Key Performance Indicator Solution is a bolt on data mining and reporting tool. TASpi extracts and coalesces information that is critical to making the right decisions at the right time and puts that information at management’s fingertips via the at-a-glance dashboard.

Trinoor’ s functional, technical and operations consultants are key players in Fortune 500 companies, utilities and petro-chemical companies in the US and around the globe.