Trinoor-Electric PowerTrinoor and Idaho Power (IPC) have completed an enterprise wide upgrade of Ventyx Asset Suite from V7 to V8 and Ventyx Foundation Architecture from V4 to V5.

The upgrade included moving the Asset Suite Application from the z/OS Platform (Mainframe) to the AIX Platform (UNIX).
Embedded Resources

Trinoor Professional Services team members – working as embedded resources within Idaho Power’s Business and IT organizations – supported the IPC cross platform data migration effort.

They migrated many legacy Idaho Power Asset Suite customizations from the COBOL layer to the Hyperservice Studio/Foundation Architecture layer, executed the version uplift of remaining customized COBOL modules within the Asset Suite Application’s Business Logic and Information Tier, and developed replacement external interfaces for Asset Suite using the Ventyx Financial Interfaces (FI) platform and Oracle PeopleTools.

Trinoor provided leadership, guidance, knowledge transfer and formal training as IPC internal support teams ramped up with the adoption of the new Ventyx Product and Server Platform technologies.

The project was completed on time and under budget and IPC is – as of this writing – in production and completely self-sufficient with their new Application and Platform.
About Trinoor

Trinoor is a leading provider of the cloud-based complex Timekeeping Software, Enterprise Software Implementation Services and Remote Operations Services. Trinoor has offices in the USA, Canada, Hungary and Australia.

The Trinoor TAStk Timekeeping Solution boasts industry leading functionality around complex union rules and nuclear/commercial fatigue rules.

The Trinoor TASmE Remote Operations Solution is used around the world to provide an operational dashboard for Enterprise Systems’ availability and performance.

The Trinoor TASpi Key Performance Indicator Solution is a bolt on data mining and reporting tool. TASpi extracts and coalesces information that is critical to making the right decisions at the right time and puts that information at management’s fingertips via the at-a-glance dashboard.

Trinoor’s functional, technical and operations consultants are key players in Fortune 500 companies, utilities and petro-chemical companies in the US and around the globe.