The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Department of Education has contracted with Trinoor to modernise all of their computer applications and build new applications to support the maintenance and upkeep of basic education infrastructure.

Applying the latest technologies along with cloud computing support services will help PNG improve the quality and relevance of education for students and teachers.

With the geographic diversity of the country’s landmass of 463,000 square kilometres and almost 85% of the population living in rural areas, improving the computer systems is an imperative for PNG to give equal access to quality education and build a better future for the people of Papua New Guinea.

“We understand that the Papua New Guinea Board of Education is committed to offering life-long skills to all school-aged children by providing a quality education,” said Wade Noordink, CEO of Trinoor

“It has been rewarding to work with DOE ICT leadership and to help make up-to-date technology available to teachers and students in order to achieve universal education for a better future for Papua New Guinea,” he said.
About Papua New Guinea, Department of Education

Papua New Guinea (PNG)’s National Department of Education is a statutory organisation focused on the delivery of better Education services for the people of Papua New Guinea. Consisting of more than 11,000 schools, 32,000 teachers and nearly 1,000,000 students, the Department of Education is committed to improving access, enhancing retention, enhancing equity and improving the quality of education.
About Trinoor

Trinoor is a leading provider of the cloud-based complex Timekeeping Software, Enterprise Software Implementation Services and Remote Operations Services. The Trinoor TASmE, Remote Operations Solution, is used around the world to provide an operational dashboard for Enterprise Systems’ availability and performance. Trinoor has offices in Australia, Canada, Hungary and the United States providing proven software solutions and technical expertise to major companies and agencies around the world.