Lightstone, a leading power generation utility for Ohio and Indiana, has teamed up with ABB and Trinoor consulting in a move to rapidly deliver an IT solution for their four power plants.

Lightstone Generation, a joint venture between ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC and Blackstone Energy Services Inc., recently acquired four plants representing 5,200 megawatts of generation, selected Asset Suite 9 to address it’s unique business and technical requirements, with its proven asset reliability and maintenance services on Microsoft Azure cloud.

The mixed generation power utility required a miraculous 75-day deployment of a proven enterprise asset management solution to ensure that their plants continued to operate reliably and safely, while meeting their cost performance objectives.

The four plants, Lawrenceburg Generating Station, Waterford Energy Center, Darby Generating Station and Gen. James M. Gavin Plant required a comprehensive maintenance solution delivered in the cloud to meet their operational objectives.

An upgrade to ABB’s proven Asset Suite 9 on the reliable, scalable and secure Microsoft Azure Cloud, was then implemented by the powerhouse professional services partnership of ABB and Trinoor consulting teams within the given 75-day implementation schedule.

Lightstone Generation required a fully integrated work and supply chain asset management solution that provided the full breadth of capabilities required to meet its business needs, could be implemented in its baseline form and would simplify the user experience.

“The single solution had to handle each of the unique aspects of the plants with a  deployment period of only 75 days,” said Wade Noordink, CEO of Trinoor.
“This required proven technology for rapid installation and configuration with no customizations to more than 400 users,” he said.
“It has been rewarding to work with in partnership with ABB and to deliver such an effective asset management upgrade for the client and within such a tight time frame.”

The ABB Asset Suite v9 in Microsoft Azure Cloud solution now provides Lightstone Generation with a highly functional, scalable solution that delivers cost savings and performance improvements as well as increased visibility for standardized business processes across Lightstone’s operations.

The comprehensive solution manages a broad range of tasks including: equipment reliability and maintenance strategies, corrective action programs, and cost-effective supply chain.

It provides the environment and tools to have high accountability, increased worker productivity and effective teamwork, meet financial demands, reduce operational costs and exceed operational objectives.

The asset management solution is a flexible, configurable application that can meet the demands of the business secure, through a proven reliable and cost-effective platform in the Microsoft Azure cloud.