The near ubiquitous adoption of personal computing devices cleverly disguised as telephones is serving as a catalyst for revolutionary changes in the way we accomplish work in the enterprise. Mobility is a new dawn in American enterprise and is predicted to be the next big driver of efficiency improvements for many industries.

Despite decades of personal computers proliferating throughout our businesses, most of us have continued to execute work and drive work processes in, on and around paper. In most industries – craft procedures are printed, reviewed, approved, executed, notated, recorded and stored on paper – using the same or similar processes to those that were in place 20, 30 or even 40 years ago.

Today, finally, things are changing – and they are changing rapidly. Even in verticals like Nuclear Generation, an industry typically reticent about introducing changes to existing and proven methodologies – mobility solutions, electronic work packages (EWP) and computer based procedures (CBP) are being adopted at a surprisingly fast pace.

Trinoor is at the forefront of this mobility wave! Leveraging its’ industry knowledge and proven strengths in the areas of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) data and systems integration, Trinoor has partnered with NextAxiom and PTAG/Industrial Audit to deliver the next generation of Mobile Solutions and Electronic Work Packages for Generation and T&D utilities.